At First Lutheran, we are in the business of making and nurturing disciples. We believe there are three ways the life of a disciple can be nurtured, supported and strengthened. We sometimes refer to discipleship as being like a three-legged stool. Each leg represents the life of a disciple and is important.

The first leg of discipleship is worship and prayer. A disciple needs to regularly hear the Good News of God’s love for them. We need to pray throughout the day and often so our hearts and minds are shaped by the heart and mind of Jesus Christ. Being in relationship with God through worship and prayer only makes us a stronger disciple in his image.

The second leg of discipleship is learn. Disciples are students. We need to be in continual study of the scriptures and other resources that illustrate the Good News and God’s love for us. Disciple’s minds are continually shaped and re-shaped through learning.

The third leg of discipleship is serve. Disciples need to respond to the Good News through their actions by serving one another and their brothers and sisters in and around the world. We need to walk the talk.

We know disciples do not only worship and pray, learn and serve at First Lutheran. Discipleship goes beyond the walls of our building and happens in our daily lives. Perhaps you do a daily devotion yourself or as a family. Maybe you are engaged in a Bible study at your workplace or with friends. You may serve as a TeamMates mentor to a young child on a weekly basis.

It doesn’t matter where you practice all three legs of discipleship. What does matter, is making sure your life reflects all three. The Discipleship Plan is a tool to help you make a plan to grow your discipleship. Plan your work so you can work your plan!

Click on the Discipleship Plan link to the right and begin making your personal discipleship plan for the year. There are many worship and prayer, learning and serving ministries offered at First Lutheran. Click on the appropriate links to learn more about what you might be interested in. You can also complete your online financial pledge to support these ministries of First Lutheran by clicking on the link to the right.

God has been so faithful to us at First Lutheran and in response we are called to a life of discipleship that is fueled by our worship and prayer life, our learning life and our serving life. Go and be a disciple of Jesus Christ who is transforming the world!