Using a Labyrinth as a Prayer Tool

Labyrinths have been used as a tool for prayer for more than 4,000 years. A labyrinth is a single path that has been wrapped around itself in a symmetrical formation. A labyrinth has a single entrance. After entering, a walker follows the winding path to the center and then exits by following the same path in reverse.

In the practice of the labyrinth, you walk the path to the center of the figure and then return to the exit at your own pace. You can think of the prayer as divided into three phases:

1) You are walking toward God – the center of the labyrinth. In this phase you shed all that is keeping you from union with God the Creator.
2) The second phase symbolizes union with God as you arrive at the center.
3) In the third phase, as you exit from the center, you are going with God back out into the world.

The process imitates the dying and rising to new life in Christ.

Download your copy of the labyrinth at and use your labyrinth as you walk with your finger or you can use it as a coloring sheet. Coloring is a spiritual/prayer practice that has gained popularity recently. Use the three phases as you color leaving the world behind as you connect with God.

Sunni Richardson sent the labyrinth to all the FaithTrek Guides on Sunday, March 15 – our first weekend of not having learning hour or worship services. This is one that was colored and shared!

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