Tuesday’s Faith Thought…Where is God Taking You This Year

By January 14, 2020 News, Worship and Pray

Where is God taking you this year?

We celebrated Epiphany by remembering the journey of the Magi. They saw the star, packed for a long journey and traveled through unknown lands until the star stopped over the house where they found Jesus and his mother Mary. They did not let anything stop them, not even Herod, and they listened to God’s instructions to return home by another route.

We, like the Magi, are called to travel to new places. It may be far away or it may be just across town. In either case, we are called to go to go meet our neighbors, engage in meaningful conversation, exchange stories and learn new skills. We grow as disciples as we travel.

As you left worship Epiphany weekend you were invited to take a piece of a map. Who knows where the map will take you. It may not literally take you to that spot. It is just a reminder of the fact God calls us, as disciples, to continue the journey we started during Advent. Put it someplace where you will see it and your thinking will be jarred. If you did not get a map, pick one up from the basket where you usually find bulletins.

Invite God to help you leave home, to take you on a journey that allows you to see with new eyes and meet Christ for yourself. Christ came for you! Be wise! Be open! Be a disciple on a journey! Be the hands and feet of Christ in the world.

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