Farewell Puerto Rico…

By July 6, 2019 News, Serve

Well, it’s a wrap…our kids and adults are arriving home later this evening from their week-long accompaniment experience in Puerto Rico. They are coming back to us with renewed faith, life-changing experiences, stories to tell and new friendships made.

These few photos capture a bit of their experience…

During their tour of Arecibo, they viewed murals throughout the area. The mural in this photo was the one the kids were most moved by. It shows three women representing the Spaniard, Taino and African people. These are the roots of modern Puerto Rico. The Tainos were the indigenous people of the island, Most died of disease or were killed as a result of the conquest by the Spaniards. The Spaniards brought the Africans as slaves to pick sugar cane. The mural symbolizes the original look of the people in gray and the modern look of the people in color. The “A” in the background is for Arecibo.

The group photo is of the three churches who served together this week…our group from First Lutheran, a group from Pella, IA and another group from Paxton, MA.

And, the last photo is of our amazing adult sponsors who gave of themselves, their time and their faith to accompany our youth this week. KUDOS to them!

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