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Greetings in Christ,

Hey, Joel Stoltenow here with Lutheran Family Services. I am certain you are very, very busy guiding your members through this season, likely through the use of technology. With that in mind…

Would you be willing to share a 2-minute message from our CEO/President Stacy Martin with your members? She covers the three topics below. She offers prayer, thanks your people, offers to help and asks them to keep Lutheran Family Services in mind.

Behavior/Mental Health Resources: Within one week of the state Directed Health Measures, LFS switched over to TeleHealth-only services (think of a Zoom meetings with very strict security). We enhanced our capacity to simultaneously utilize 5 rooms up to 55 rooms. In some ways the convenience has increased the connectivity with our clients. If we can serve you or your members – statewide – please reach out. Here is a link to get started.
Here’s a great 2-minute interview talking about the 1,000+ meetings LFS now conducts per week.
Community Care Packages: If anyone in your congregation would like to volunteer to serve those hit hardest by this crisis, we have socially distant appropriate volunteer opportunities to help (Click Here).
Also, if you have members hit hard by this crisis who are at risk because they lack basic needs supplies, please contact me to help connect them with our volunteer network.
Sewing Masks for LFS: Our staff is slated to be approved to re-enter the workplace June 15th. I’m reaching out to groups who might have contacts in the sewing world. I’m thinking primarily of quilting groups. If you know of some who might be willing to sew and donate reusable cloth masks, please let me know! We are looking for 500 total. A women’s group in Utica/Waco has signed up for the first 100. I think it’d be fun to create some fellowship around this effort. LFS will provide some funds for material and even create the Zoom meeting capacity for these groups to interact in different cities.
Thank you so much for considering these opportunities.
In Christ,
Joel Stoltenow
Kathleen Simley

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