25 Shoes to be Made for Ugandans from Denim Patterns Cut By Our Youth

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Sole Hope is an organization that makes and distributes shoes to persons of all ages in Uganda to prevent infection by a parasite called jiggers.
A jigger starts out so small it is nearly invisible. It burrows into a person’s skin and latches onto blood vessels. Within days the jigger swells to over 1000 times the size it was while continuously laying eggs. Those eggs hatch, mature and lead to an infestation.
The results of jigger infestation are pain, itching and infection. Children stop walking to school. Adults can’t care for their families. The elderly become captive in their homes. Worst of all, due to widespread cultural beliefs, people infested with jiggers are often shunned for the “curse” painfully visible upon their body.
Sole Hope is an organization that treats Ugandans with jigger infestations and provides specially made shoes to residents to prevent future infections.
This spring and summer our middle school and Vacation Bible School students cut shoe patterns out of denim to be made into 25 shoes! Each shoe consists of 10 pieces so the kids cut a lot and worked hard! The pieces have been sent to Sole Hope where Ugandan residents will make the shoes and workers will distribute them.
Thank you to everyone who donated the denim and for the Noisy Offering contributions in May to help with shipping the shoe pieces to Sole Hope.
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