Make Your Gift Giving List and Shop at Gifts of Hope

Turn your gift into a gift of hope by purchasing handmade gift items and/or giving gifts that support local and global neighbors. The Gifts of Hope alternative market will be open Saturday, December 7, 5:00-7:00 pm, and Sunday, December 8, 8:30 am-12:30 pm, in the Commons area at First Lutheran. We can accept debit or credit cards, along with cash and checks. Come shop, hear stories, see the work of creative artists and avoid the mad rush of the mall. One small gift can have a huge impact! Give a gift that keeps on giving.

Read more below about the ministries you will have the opportunity to support at the market.

Last year’s Gifts of Hope market raised $8200 that will keep on giving.


You won’t want to miss a stop at Mission Marketplace, Gift of Hope’s partnership with Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Wahoo and Thrivent. Gift items ranging from children’s aprons to handmade jewelry, spunky potholders, greeting cards, simple decorative pieces and more are tagged with a suggested donation. 100% of your purchase total will be forwarded to ELCA World Hunger. Hand-woven baskets and stunning batik fabrics from Tanzania will also be available as tangible reminders of your support for scholarships for young women overseas.


Giving a gift of Fair Trade coffee, tea, cocoa or chocolate is better for our planet. Most of the products are organic which means coffee farmers are using deep knowledge to restore and preserve our plant. The farming methods improve the soil and prevents erosion, preserves local river water quality and protects forest cover and habitat for wildlife. Through fair trade, small-scale farmers are better able to support their families and stay on their land. The farmers are able to build their own business and help others through democratically run co-operatives that support strides in agriculture and quality control. With increased dollars the local community can make investments in education, health programs and social services.


Moving is always a challenge, but moving from South Sudan and/or Ethiopia as an immigrant or refugee is beyond understanding for most of us living in the United States. There are so many adjustments; the learning curve is monumental. Add to that the fact there are friends and family back home where life is hard.  The war and separation of families due to the violence has taken a toll on the people, land and homes of many. Our First Lutheran friends ask you to consider a designated gift that will support current projects of the ELCA in South Sudan and Ethiopia. A gift of any amount is appreciated.


For those in need, food is everything. Food is hope. Food is confidence. Food is health and well-being. Food is peace of mind. From infants to seniors, from individuals to families, no man, woman or child in our community should ever have to worry about where their next meal is coming from. The BackPack Program seeks to help students who qualify for their school’s Free or Reduced Lunch Programs by providing a food-filled backpack to the child and family over the weekend or during a school break. The BackPack Program is a way to help these students, and their families, until students return to school where they know they can have breakfast or lunch.


A year of nursing school in Tanzania, including room, board, uniforms, tuition and books costs $1700. The average wage of a medium skilled worker in Tanzania would be the equilvent of $130 in US dollars. Finding $1700 to attend nursing school would be impossible for many families. Your gift provides a gift of hope to the student and all the patients they will care for as a nurse.


Have a hard time buying for Uncle Joe or a friend who is living in another country without paying an arm and a leg for shipping? Well, ELCA Good Gifts are your answer. Your gift to them is easy to ship in an envelope and the gift will keep on giving to the recipients. You can send a girl, who is less likely than boys to be enrolled in school, to school. A gift of manure will bring lots of laughs and at the same time provide the needed nutrients to a farmer living in a part of the world with poor soil quality. For those of us in the US, mosquitoes are a nuisance, but in many places around the world just one bite from an infected mosquito can transmit malaria and lead to serious illness or death. Your gift of a $10 mosquito net treated with long-lasting insecticide and accompanied with education on its proper use can protect those most at risk. ELCA Good Gifts are a creative, meaningful way to support the ministries that mean the most to you and your loved ones.


The ELCA’s AMMPARO (Accompanying Migrant Minors with Protection, Advocacy, Representation, and Opportunity) initiative is a local and global response to the humanitarian crisis of human migration that affects the most vulnerable. Your support of the AMMPARO Initiative gives hope to migrant minors and their families through Nebraska Appleseed in Lincoln (local), Dr. Sanjuana Mendoza’s medical clinic in Juarez, Mexico (national/border) and the ELCA Global Mission’s response to root causes of migration in Central America (global).


We have turned the building and the grounds upside down in the midst of all the construction work. One of the projects, following the renovation, will be beautifying the grounds with greenery and flowers. In honor of our 150th Anniversary, you can give a gift of 150 coins, which might be pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters or silver dollars to be used for flower bulbs and plants. Everyone can participate! What fun to be a child dropping your 150 pennies in the pot knowing your gift will be a beautiful blooming tulip, daffodil or iris someday. It is the story of new life; a resurrection story.


Hear the story of Mosaic, a Nebraska based ministry, in Tanzania and the partnership with Building a Caring Community (BBC) and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT) to provide services to more than 200 children and young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The BBS program provides a network of day centers in Moshi and outreach workers who visit children not able to travel to the centers on a daily basis. The workers monitor the health and nutrition of people supported, offer support and guidance to caregivers and make referrals for specialized services when necessary. The Gifts of Hope market will offer market bags and cards made by individuals who are part of the BBC program in Tanzania.