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Sunday, January 26 Noon


Celebrating 150 Years of God's Faithfulness

April 24-26, 2020


More Than A Tradition

Living with identity, value and purpose


Called to Welcome Building Project

We Welcome All Because God Welcomes All


Loving Christ, Loving Each Other

Committed to Caring for One Another

Making disciples of

Jesus Christ

for the transformation of the world

Each person is a unique creation of God and, through grace, is a child of God. The people of First Lutheran Church welcome all because God welcomes all, without regard for race or culture, sexual orientation, gender identity or relationship status, physical or mental challenges, imprisonment, addictions, socio-economic circumstances, or anything else that too often divides us. First Lutheran Church is a spiritual community that celebrates the gifts of God that can empower us to engage in the struggles of life, to care for each other, and to serve Christ where we work and live. Our unity is in Christ.

“If anyone asks me why I became a member at First Lutheran I will always answer, "Because Jesus wanted me to." He knew I belonged to him and sent amazing people to lead me into a church I truly believe in - a church that really spreads Jesus' word, a church that became home and helps me become a better disciple every day.”

Fabianne Gondim

At First Lutheran, we believe we are called to a life of

discipleship that is fueled by

worship and prayer, learning and serving.


We desire to grow in our understanding of what it means to be disciples of Christ and ambassadors of his love and grace.

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We feel called to care for all of God’s children and creation congregationally, locally and globally.

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We are committed to spiritual growth and growing in our knowledge and understanding of the sacred texts.

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Adult Choir Gives Glory to God Every Week

Every Wednesday evening from 7:10-8:00 pm during the school year our Adult Choir meets for rehearsals. They also sing at worship two Sundays a month. We are thankful they each share their time…
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