Tuesday’s Faith Thought…The Theme Park of Your Life

By November 13, 2018 News, Worship and Pray

The people who planned crowd control at big theme parks are geniuses.

For some rides, you can spend an hour or more in line. People often wait in sweltering heat, whining kids in tow, but somehow they stay relatively content.

One reason is the design of the line itself. You are surrounded by walls and can only see about twenty feet in front of you. Then you turn a corner and face yet another twenty feet. You don’t know what’s around each corner, so each time you’re hopeful that around the next bend, you will reach your destination.

Most challenges we face in life are full of segmented turns. If we really knew how long it would take to master a difficult task or overcome an obstacle in life, we may quit before we even start or try. We may become impatient, anxious or frustrated. Holding on to the hope that just around the bend, it’s only another twenty feet, to possibly the end, can move us to achieving amazing and wonderful things in our lives.

Is what you see all that there is? When in your life have you walked through a challenging time not knowing what was to come or when? Looking back on that time, what was it that kept you walking forward (maybe another twenty feet!) and eventually got you to the end?

Final Thought: Trust the One who designed the theme park of your life.

Kathleen Simley

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