Thoughtfulness: How the Gifts of Hope Impacts Others

By November 30, 2018 Events, Global, News, Serve

by Annette Watts

There have been many examples of thoughtfulness in our lives over the years. Many were everyday small acts of kindness, but they touched the life of another in some way.

As a child, I remember riding along with grandma to deliver Meals On Wheels, Grandma L serving in the church kitchen, mom delivering food to neighbors in times of illness and death, and dad helping to organize a neighborhood harvest for a farmerwith cancer. Their generosity not only helped those they were serving, but left an impression on the generation to come.

As an adult, my husband and I were blessed with a thoughtful neighbor who offered their church during the IA floods of ’93 to save our “outdoor wedding”. And there continues to be amazing examples of kindness and generosity of others in numerous churches along our journey, including those serving with Mobility Worldwide.

At First Lutheran, Gifts of Hope has provided a wonderful and simple opportunity for our family to be thoughtful.  Every year our family shops together to decide on a special gift to help someone. Sometimes, it’s an animal to help a family farmer with food and income, a portion of a well for people to have clean water to drink, handmade gifts to support an income, or another of the many selections available. Usually the shopping always ends with chocolate bars for Christmas morning.  And yes, I do have to hide the bars in order for them to make it until Christmas!

Gifts of Hope is a heartwarming way to be thoughtful and to touch the life of another through an act of kindness. It’s a time to think, and learn, and teach about the needs of others. And just perhaps, it will also leave an impression on the children and the generations to come.


Gifts of Hope Market

December 1 (5:00-6:30 pm) and December 2 (9:00 am-1:00 pm) in the Commons area of First Lutheran Church

We can only accept cash or checks; no credit or debit cards

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